Granting Myself Permission to Thrive

I just spent an entire week at home in NC. Although it’s absolutely wonderful in many ways, the trip tends always to be seriously taxing.

In trying to balance the needs of our parents, my needs went right out the window, especially when it comes to my health and spiritual needs. No one asks me to chuck my peace into outer space, but I do it. Unconsciously.

But now that I’m home, now that my time is no longer obligated to anyone, I find myself faced with an interesting predicament: the power of choice. In all things. In every moment.

Could I then choose that which makes me happiest? The moments that support me–thriving?

What does it look like? It looks like me doing what I want.

In every moment.

And that’s the key…that I am IN every moment.

And so I begin to practice: living in the present, the Now.

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